The Beautiful and Exotic Savannah

My name is Jannel and I am a  small home based Savannah Breeder, where my Savannahs are raised under hand and foot (Literally)  We eat, drink and watch many movies together. It doesn't matter where in the house I am or what I'm doing they are "ALL" right there with me..... Savannahs are definitely little shadows and I love it!

I have come to the conclusion that the house belongs to the cats........
I just pay the mortgage!

Living in Sunny St George Utah with my lovely savannah family

In my Vet's office he has a sign that says;
"Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one"

I bought my first Savannah Bindi just after loosing my father.
She filled my void and helped my heart heal. As time went on I realized just how much I really love this breed and decided to get another female and try my hand at breeding. Since making that decision I have added three more females and one male. My intentions are to maintain the integrity of this breed through a selective breeding program.


However new to breeding Savannahs, I'm not new to breeding.
I bred and raised Rotweillers for years.

Savannahs are wonderful companions, full of personality and spunk.
If you add a Savannah to your family you will NEVER regret it.

Know before buying a Savannah if your state enforces any Hybrid restrictions. Log on to:

The Savannah cat is the new Hybrid

The Savannah is created from breeding the African Serval male to a domestic Female. This combination has produced a large, friendly, beautiful cat that resembles a small cheetah.

They are pretty much fearless.... They love to go out on leashes for walks or to simple to play in the grass. They tend to love to play in the water and some will fetch objects like a dog... As sturdy, determined and bold as they come across, they are notably sweet and affectionate, just as the domestic cat.

These cats are NOT dangerous to have as a pet. They get along great with other pets and are wonderful with kids.... as long as the children are taught to have respect and not to taunt and tease them.... just like any other pet.

WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? Cross breeding a Wild African Serval and a domestic cat is sometime a very long process.  Some have made the association with breeding a dog to a fox..... You can place a young Serval in a room with 6-7  female domestic cats as he matures so that he gets use to the domestics. When he is ready to breed, it might be out of the 6-7 females, he might only choose to breed with one. It is a long and difficult process. It is
illegal to own a Serval in many states across the country.

As for the Savannah there are known states to have laws restricting the ownership of this hybrid Some include, but are not limited to: Alaska, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa and Massachusetts. In New york state you may own a F5 Savannah. However, in the city of New York the Savannah is restricted.

Because T.I.C.A recognizes the Hybrid Savannah breed is registrable as a domestic it is considered to be a domestic animal in Utah. This makes it legal to own a Savannah in Utah.  Wolf hybrids are also legal in Utah, whereas a Ferret is illegal in Sandy Utah....... City laws override State laws.

BINDI AND NEVAEH.... both F2 Females