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Located in 
St George, Utah
2 Hours North of Las Vegas Nevada

"Hand Delivery" or  "In Person" pick-up
No longer shipping my kittens cargo!
*I fly in and out of Las Vegas. If you fly in, I will deliver to you in Las Vegas*
Please contact me for more info regarding details

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If you choose a kitten from me, be prepared to show proof of residence
with a drivers license and/or utility statement

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ALL Spring/Summer Kittens
have been placed!!!
Please watch for more babies
to arrive beginning in September

**2014 Fall/Winter**
**kittens Expected**

F4 Kittens FALL/winter 2014
F2 Kittens possibly for Christmas 2014
F3 Kittens possibly for Christmas 2014

There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to be on my "Waiting List"
This this deposit will be put toward the purchase of your kitten



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"George" is a stunning example of my past F2 males...
He is just 6 months old in this picture!

WHY DON'T I SHIP???? - Here is your answer.....
According to the new USDA/HSUS Ruling...
After November 18th 2013 Purchasing a
Kitten, Puppy or any other purebred/pedigreed pet from a
 "Home/Hobby" breeder could change forever!
The new kitten, puppy etc...
MUST to be received "In Person"
They will no longer be able to be shipped, unless you purchase a new pet from a larger more commercial breeder who is being forced to license through the USDA.
The animals... in these facilities, according to the new ruling
MUST be kenneled and caged...
including the KITTENS!
No more hands on, loving home environment and socializing.... 
Owning a purebred/pedigreed pet could change forever and you as an
 owner will be equally effected as the Home/Hobby breeders.
So if you want to bring a kitten home who has been raised in a home with love and has been cherished... buy from a "Home Breeder"!
***This also means... you may have to pick your kitten though***

Proud member of TICA
and the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program,
have signed & abide by the
Voluntary "Code of Ethics"
The Savannah Cat Club

You can also find me as a registered breeder on

CHECK your CITY and STATE..... for Legal Ownership
Savannahs are "NOT" legal in every state
and/or city!!!! KNOW YOUR LAWS

F1 Zahri
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"Past and Present" kittens on
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I now have a "ZAZZLE STORE" you can purchase


We are a FELV/FIV & PCR free cattery

Where kittens PLAY HARD and SLEEP HARD!

This little man "Christian"  made Mr December in the
 Christian is out of F1 Zahri and F5 Silvio

Just "ANOTHER" cute face here at SNOW CANYON SAVANNAHS.....
Cats are magical....
The more you pet them, the longer you both live

My F1 Zahri and my hand

I'm Friends with the Monster that lives under my bed! ;)

"Savannah Cat Rescue"
Please Check this website for rescues

Proud Member of:

TICA (The International Cat Association)
Savannah Breed Section
Advertising in Cat Fancy
Cats and Kittens USA
Dry/Canned food choice and Litter Box choice
F1's Zahri and Xhosa
AKA - Tweedle dee & Tweedle dum!!!!

Sophie F6, Zahri F1 and Xhosa F1
on "Fly" watch....
It's a Savannah "Meet and Greet"

Zahri, Xhosa, Nevaeh, Johari


Testimonials of
New Savannah Owners


First of all, we would LOVE to thank you for the best kitten in the world. He is everything we wanted and MORE. Thrones (F2) is the biggest cuddle-bug, which we love, and has the energy of a two year old! He definitely requires a lot of attention and play time or he becomes a little wild. We also have to keep watch on our toilet paper 24/7 or we will become savanndallized, like you said! He has such an extraordinary personality, and loves to smile while showing his goofy side (like the picture below.) 
 You made purchasing our little man easy and you were very helpful to us (and still are.) We are so fortunate to have met you, and staying in touch with you throughout the whole time-period was REALLY amazing of you. We looked forward to your picture updates! When it came time to delivering him, you picked the best way for him to arrive safely. I don't think that any other cattery/breeder would have been as great as you were! You are such a lovely person, which carries on to your kittens. Thank you for everything you have done, and still do for us! We are definitely coming back for a second Savannah!
Brett and Kelsey, and Thrones (Pacino) too!!!
(Follow him on Instagram "Thronesthesavannah")


Jannel is such a pleasure to speak to and very open and eager to share her knowledge of the breed.  When we were looking for the perfect Savannah cat for our home Jannel was always willing to answer our questions with patience and knowledge no matter how elementary they seemed.  We trust her advice because she is highly integrated in the breeder community and her experience as a breeder is extensive; though she is surprisingly free to share all the ins-and-outs of finding an excellent Savannah and family pet. We have Three Savannah's from Snow canyon Savannah's and they all capture our hearts with their unique personalities and affection to our children. After buying one Savannah we returned to Jannel for additional Savannahs because we trust her, she given the kitten a very high level of socialization, and she sells some of the highest quality Savannahs in the industry.
We could not be happy with Aja, George and Scarlett.


My experience with Snow Canyon Savannah has been such a pleasant one that.
I recommend anyone who wants to get a Savannah cat, to go with Snow Canyon. I thank you for exceeding my expectations as a breeder and with your knowledge of the breed, the constant updates, communications, honesty and pictures of my kitten as he grew. Some breeders only breed there animals for money, not bothering to properly socialize there babies, but not you. I can tell that love, attention and time went into every cat and its obvious when it was time for me to take my beloved Deniro (F2 Male) home. I love him so much, he is such a joy and he has made my home complete. He is a healthy, large, happy, go-getter adjusted kitten who follows me from room to room only to finally fall asleep in my lap when I finally sit and settle down :) its so cute that I cannot possibly imagine my life without him there!!
Keep up the great work :)
My sister is even wanting a kitten from you in the future :) 
Sincerely and Thankfully, 
Chandra and DeNiro


Jannel is exceptional!
She raises Savannah's with so much love and care.
She's warm and friendly and very professional.

My sweet Savannah Jozette became a part of my at 18 months old. She adapted faster than I ever thought. She gets along great with my other two cats. I thought with the age I'd have to work with her a bit in order to feel comfortable. I credit Jannel for that.
Her love and personal attention is proof in Jozette's sweet disposition.

Not a day passes that Jozette doesn't bring a smile to my face! She's so affectionate and snuggled up with me and my others since the first day I brought her home. She is a doll!!
So funny and sweet.

I highly recommend Snow Canyon Savannah's. You'll surely bring home a stunningly beautiful cat. With the warm touch of Jannel I guarantee your kitty will have a sweet and loving disposition.

Thank you Jannel for my sweet little Jozette! She has brought joy to our family!
Nicole and Jozette


Here are a few updated photos of Peeta.
We love him and wanted to thank you.
Emma and Peeta


Our experience with Snow Canyon Savannahs has exceeded our expectations in every way. Obviously, purchasing our first Savannah was a big decision. Aspen and I want to thank you for your consistent communication including YouTube videos, texts and phone calls and your expertise in preparing us and our kitten for the transition. As for Maverick (F2 Male) himself, he is a large, healthy, kind hearted and well adjusted kitten. It is clear to us that the way he and his siblings have been handled by you has created his upbeat and affectionate disposition and has made bringing him home so easy. Please have anyone interested in purchasing one of your kittens contact me so I can elaborate further on our experience. We are absolutely in love with our baby.

Sincerely and thankfully,
Barrett and Maverick (Rhett)



Hi Jan,
Just thought it would be fun to let you know how wonderful my little boy is!  I honestly don't know how I got along without him.  He is such a love, just like you said.  He has to be in every room with me and is curious about everything.
I had to take a trip to Phoenix for 4 days and had the neighbor across the street check on him.  She ended up taking him over to her house where he played with their dog and fell asleep on her husband's lap!  They love him too and told me they will take care of him anytime I need help.
Right now I am working in CA for the month.  I took Driller with me and we are staying at Ron's sister's.  She lost her 16 y/o cat about 5 months ago and still cries!  He was her buddy.  She is having sooo much fun with Driller!  I keep telling her she needs to get one of the kittens from his parents that are due at the end of the year.  She is worried she is too attached to Driller and says she loves his personality.  She isn't sure she would want another. Truthfully, I am worried about leaving with him!  I will definitely get back to you if she wants a kitten.  Ron and I even talked about getting one for her as a surprise.
Thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family and home.  I LOVE him!!! He is my baby:)  Hope you don't mind the gushing!
Take care and hope you are staying cool in SG,

The love of two mommies....
They didn't want their babies in separate beds